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Sunday 9:30am



 0 - 1 yr olds

For parents with children aged 0-1 yrs old. Complete with live audio, you can enjoy the entire service with your baby. Located to the left of the auditorium.



0 - Primary Schoolers

We're all about kids developing strong relationships; with each other, their leaders and most importantly their creator. Join us for hands on learning and lots of fun. Kids go out during the service.



Intermediate - High Schoolers

Legacy Bible Study is a space for youth to have some great banter, eat and talk a bit more about who God is. Legacy Bible Study goes out during the service.

Legacy Youth also meets on Fridays Nights from 6-9pm.



Love Languages for Families!

Thurs 2nd August from 4:30pm

Most of us will agree that being loved and showing love to our families is important, but the effects of love go even deeper. Showing love well can help develop emotionally healthy children and families and even increase learning and academic achievement. Love Languages for Families is an event designed to encourage your family to discover and learn to show love to one another using the five love languages - physical touch, words of affirmation, giving gifts, quality times and acts of service. Join us as we learn about these languages, find out which ones we each relate to most and how using all of them together can help our families in positive ways.

Get inspired with practical ways to show your children you love them while doing hands on activities and crafts with your children and family. Find out why as Christians we at St Chads want love to be the foundation for every child in our community. Take a night off from cooking and enjoy a delicious sit down meal with your family and other local families in our community, hosted by St Chads. Dinner is served around quarter to six, so time for any working parents to join us for dinner!

All ages and family groups welcome to this child friendly event, so invite your friends and neighbours. Kids need to be accompanied by an adult. This a free event hosted by St Chads.


Contact Charlotte at if you'd like any more info and to RSVP!



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